THIS JUST IN!!! WISEADVICE chief, HRM, is now allowing one more group of a select thousand people to witness the incredible site in her home.  “It all started a week ago, on a  Sunday morning”, says the queen of Crisis Central.  “Opal yawned and emerged from her bed around 5 am.  The sound of coins clinking alerted me to…this incredible site!!!  There, on her bed,  45 pennies and 7 nickels, all in a little pile.”  When word got out,  crowds started to gather outside the residence.  By Tuesday afternoon, Mounties had to be called in to control the pandaemonium.  “By early this morning, I found $387.00 in change (mostly silver dollars) where Opal had slept.  The phone is ringing off the hook! Everyone wants to know what I feed my dog.  Purina offered me a new car if I put up their poster next to her bed and let them take some snapshots…I’m holding out for a chauffeur too.”  A private security detail has followed Wiseadvice and her dog everywhere, and at all times.  It seems that hopeful locals are shadowing them, in hope of “poop scooping” a small fortune. Prime Minister Steven Harper is said to be sending a representative from Revenue Canada.  Life has been turned upside down in this sleepy port city. We asked Wiseadvice’s neighbour,  Poprah Minfrey to comment.  “This is the best thing that could have happened here. It tops the ‘jesus face’ that showed up on the wall in the ladies room at the Vimy Legion Hall last Easter. Frankly, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady. She always has a word of advice for people. The dog? I agree with the CBC radio poll. The dog gets to keep 50% of whatever she generates.  Fair is fair, eh?”


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