Have Time On Your Hands?

If you have some time to spare, I suggest  ANY of the following:

  •  Have a good voice?  Volunteer to record audio books. Check the websites of the National Library Service For the Blind (USA) or the Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (also USA). In Canada, try the CNIB library.   All links provided on my blogroll.
  • Call your local service provider for the blind if you live in a city. They are always very happy to use your skills.  The jobs vary, but there is an acute shortage (here, at least) of logistical supports for many blind people.  For example,  think about driving and assisting with grocery or clothing shopping. Reading mail in someone’s home once a week takes all of twenty minutes or less. Help out on a group social outing (you have no idea how few social events some people get to).  You can help people complete forms for all the various things that require ‘filling out’.  Blind people without available family or friends have a huge problem when they need to ‘look’ for an apartment to rent. Reading ads, driving to ‘view’ and describing the prospective unit and helping through the lease process can be very difficult for a blind person. Accompany some one on medical appointments. There might not be much of an opportunity to display ‘what-a-great-person-I-am-to-be- hanging-around-a-blind-person’ aspect of yourself, but reading mail? sure, no glory, but IT’S A GOOD THING!
  • Check out a Guide dog school’s web site.  Even if you are located nowhere near it, you may be able to organize a fundraising event for it. Google ‘”guide dogs” and sort out what schools are in the USA or Canada.
  • People in small towns like to think they’re just as busy as city dwellers. I like to think they can make time to care for their neighbours who need help because they live out of range of resources.

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