Paul Watson–Eco-terrorist goes too far…again

 Canadian Green Party leader, Elizabeth May announced her resignation from the advisory committee of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society after Paul Watson is quoted as saying,  “the death of seals is an even greater tragedy than the death of four sealers”.  Mr. Watson, a self described Eco-terrorist, repeated this comment today. Conservationists and Environmentalists are dropping their support of Watson.  He made these comments as the funeral of three sealers in Cap-aux-Meulles, a small community in the Madlelaine Islands was taking place. A fourth sealer’s body is missing.  Mr. Watson has rammed, skuttled and sunk fishing vessels all over the world. The names of the ships he has sunk are painted onto the side of one the cement-hulled boats he uses to ram them.  His ships are also armed with high-powered water cannons and protected with barbed wire. He has used acid, explosives and other means to sink or disable “enemy” ships.  His goal to bring an end to the fishing industry has found him brandishing an AK 47.   a Watson was a co-founder of Greenpeace, but splintered off because of the groups ‘impassivity’.  While the world still grieved in the aftermath of 9/11, Watson announced “there is nothing wrong with terrorism, as long as you win”. The eco-terrorist goal is to return the earth to it’s pre-human condition by any means. Watson’s dogmatic and authoritarian ‘love’ of animals coupled with his hatred of humanity has led him to absurdly remark, “earthworms are far more valuable than people”.  His distorted stance of ‘animals first/humans last’ is bizarre and frightening. His claim that he owes no allegiance to humanity is incongruous with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s  (the group he founded) claim that they “are a vehicle to empower people”. I am disgusted and enraged by the words and actions of Paul Watson. I encourage all Canadians to withdraw support from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and any groups Mr. Watson is associated with, including the Sierra Club, until those organizations remove themselves from any association with Mr. Watson.   I think that Farley Mowat, the great Canadian writer and naturalist, should step forward and comment on this, given that Watson’s premiere ship is named the ‘Farley Mowat’.  For the record, the names of the three victims from the fishing vessel,  l’ Acadian II are: Gilles Leblanc, Bruno Bourque, and Marc-Andre Deraspe.  A fourth man is missing and presumed dead. His name is Carl Aucoin. 


4 responses to “Paul Watson–Eco-terrorist goes too far…again

  1. As old as this may be

    I like you.
    I hate Hippies.
    You hate Paul Watson.

  2. I do not entirely support your thoughts on this matter since man is a killer by nature of all he believes he has a right to! If left un checked all the fish in the sea would be gone! The grizzly bear that once roamed vast areas is driven to extinction! Whales that are illegal to hunt are hunted by the Japanese and if not interfered with would kill all the whales! I do not condone violence but there are times to fight the fight since no one else is out there on the ocean enforcing the laws! Paul Watson is right about the earthworm since man cannot live with out the earthworm but the earthworm can live without man! If fishermen would abide by the laws it would be one thing but without laws and enforcement of them the oceans would be raped of all living creatures! Like the hunter who hunts bears and if he’s attacked they hunt down the bear and kill it for defending it’s life! being top of the food chain doesn’t ever mean attack and kill everything because thats what man does! Native Americans hunted what they needed to survive and they used every part of the animal! The White man comes along and tries to kill all the buffalo for it’s skin and the meat rots! I don’t defend ramming of boats but I won’t defend a slaughter of animals for recreation and greed!

  3. If you go hunting for food thats one thing but if you hunt for recreation and so you can claim a trophy thats BS! I have nothing against eating meat I do it all the time but man kills just to kill and thats BS! People build houses in cougar country and then want all the cougars killed because their afraid of them! Hearing that 4 men died while slaughtering seals for no reason other than the killing pleasure I say so what! They killed unnessecarily and got killed doing it
    I have no problem with that! Just like people that go crab fishing in the bering sea, they get killed doing it thats the chance they took! Just like the hunter that went hunting a bear and got killed by the bear instead the bear lives another day!

  4. Maybe just maybe the whole lesson here is the animals can survive and thrive without man but man cannot survive and thrive without them!

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