Opal, you should report me!

I have an oft-used line that I say to Opal…”You should report me!”  I  uttered it today, when for the SECOND time in a week, I made the girl drink water out of a kidney basin. A kidney basin, by the way, is a banana-shaped plastic container which is used as a recepticle when people feel the need to…uh…wretch or vomit.  I insisted on a sterile one, of course!  I was at the blood collection lab at the local hospital with Opal, on this warm spring day for routine blood work. I noticed that Opal was panting. I had remembered to bring a water bottle, but had left behind her travel dish.  Not one to let my girl feel uncomfortable, I asked for something to use as a water dish. (The little bit I managed to dribble into my hand wasn’t cutting it). The blood technician offered a kidney basin.  My poor girl was challenged AGAIN by this thing which I had forced her to use, only a few days ago. She could not seem to decide which side of the curve to drink from, so she alternated.  That’s when I gave her a pat on the head and said, “You should report me!”.  Hey, you do what you need to do. I will not allow my dog to go thirsty. This is also the 60 pound dog that I have CARRIED for several meters on a stretch of sidewalk that was covered in broken glass. This is the dog that I have sat up with entire nights, to make sure that she was going to be OK.  This is the dog that I have moved bedroom furniture for when she was displeased about the new arrangement (could not see out the window… what was I thinking!)  This is the girl I love.


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