Opal does Hollywood (north)

Yesterday started out like any other day. I stumbled out of bed at 5:30 after Opal gave me her usual wake-up kiss.  We normally greet the day before most everyone in our building. I like that. The air seems fresher then and the city is quiet, except for the resident crows and the sound of distant early buses.  I fed the girls and settled to listen to the morning news on CBC radio, our public broadcaster.  I did my chores while Opal caught up on her beauty sleep. We were at the theatre the evening before, so her bedtime had been pushed back and she was a bit tired.  A phone call came in around 11:30. It was an O & M instructor (Orientation and Mobility) from CNIB who wanted to know if we were available for a TV interview.  I asked who wanted to do it and what the piece was. I was passed along to the reporter who was going to be doing it.  She was in the field. Actually, she was in the airport. The piece was about working dogs and they were just winding up with the luggage sniffer dogs at the airport.  The show was ‘Live at 5″, a CTV local feature hour that leads into the supper hour news. I agreed to meet her in one hour at the nearby Walmart.   I groomed Opal in a hurry, even though the girl is drop-dead gorgeous most of the time. The young reporter found me at Walmart and suggested we do the interview outside.  Cyril, the camera guy, met us at the nearby bus terminal. The interview was done right amidst buses and people walking all around. Opal was content to sit while I blabbed responses to the interviewer’s questions about how she has changed my life, what Opal does, her personality and so on. I think Cyril took a lot of closeups of Opal. Then we went for the action shots. Cyril was walking hunched over, BACKWARDS, so that he could shoot Opal as she worked. We went through the same crosswalks and intersections several times at his request.  I could hear Opal thinking, “why are we going back and forth, mum? we’re not getting anywhere.”  Finally, Cyril was happy, and so was the interviewer. I confessed that I did not own a TV (by choice), but would be happy to receive a copy of the piece for my family and friends. Opal and I ambled home. I had just taken Opal’s harness off and given her a fresh drink of water when the phone rang. It was the journalist and Cyril. They had followed us home. “Boy, you guys walk fast”, she exclaimed. They wanted us to come back out to do the teaser for the piece on our front lawn. Opal was getting a little tired of her new fame and star status, but she obliged them with a promo shot. We crouched on the grass. The journalist did a couple of takes saying, “She’s not just another pretty face…” as Opal licked her into a giggling heap.  Finally, it was ‘in the can’. They thanked us and left. I vacuumed my apartment while Opal rested. Friends started phoning soon after it aired, with much praise and kind words. Opal wants to hire a publicist.


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