Now that’s what I call a church service worth going to!

Earth Day is coming up on Tuesday. While most churches carried on with their typical fair today, the Universalist Unitarian church of Halifax’s celebrated Earth Day.  It began with Raffi’s ‘Big Beautiful Planet’ song, followed by opening words from the UN Environmental Sabbath Program.  The Gaia singers performed and coaxed the congregation into rather lovely harmonies with “The River is Flowing/Tomogami Round”–…”if we loose this forest, if we ravage this land, we might as well be cutting off our own right hand. For we and the Earth are one, under the moon, under the sun..”

UU’s are not the most dogma-loving creatures. Nor am I. That is why today’s focus on Earth Day was typical of a UU service. UU’s are often accused of being from the church that is…a bit of everything except ‘religion’.  I like that too. I like the open discussion, the inclusive nature and the acceptance that one’s belief’s or tenants (from Christianity, Buddhism, Islam to Atheism, Paganism and Humanism etc.) are personal choices which must be respected.  The Universalist Unitarian focus on community, social justice and planetary concerns have won me over. Yesterday, Opal and I attended UU orientation. We will become official UU’s in two weeks  (I’ll be the one signing).  Happily,  my choice was affirmed in my mind today. Now that’s what I call a church service worth going to! 


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