Guide Dog Stamp Issued By Canada Post

THIS FROM MARKETWIRE: “On April 21st, Canada Post issued its first ever Braille stamp featuring Guide dogs. The domestic rate stamp will have the denomination in both print and Braille.  The stamp is being issued to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Association for the Blind which is also being recognized with a commemorative envelope.” the article goes on to explain Canada Post’s commitment to provide Canadians with inovative and interesting products.  “Stamp designers  Stephen Boake and Andrew Pero of Toronto’s Designwerke sought to keep the design simpleto give prominance to the dog in order to reinforce the intimate connection with the human partner.  The Yellow Lab on the stamp is a Canine Vision Dog Guide from Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. The addition of Braille on the stamp created variuos printing challenges, as did the increase in font size of the denomination, another incorporated element to assist vison-impaired individuals….The 52 cent stamp is avaialable and measures: 38mm X 27mm.  3.5 million stamps were printed to be sold in booklets of 10. Additional information can be found in the newsroom section of the Canad post web site and photos of the stamp are in the newsroom’s photo centre.” I will put the Canada Post link on my blog roll for easy access by anyone who wants more information or a look at the stamp. 


One response to “Guide Dog Stamp Issued By Canada Post

  1. OK Ollie, I have no idea what you just said…and the Salisbury Fire Rescue in MA? are you a firefighter? your personal link led me to a site selling Indian arts and crafts…? However, yes it is a lovely stamp.

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