The World Has Gone Crazy!

Interesting day? You bet. First, some dweeb from the local CTV news magazine program, “Live at Five”, finally returned my telephone messages. She had apparently been away on holiday. I was told to call her up for a copy of the interview segment which they did on service dogs. Two weeks or so ago, Opal and I obliged them with an hour of our time (Kaching!- I think that’s worth $15.00) on one hour’s notice (Kaching!- I think that’s worth another $15.00) to be questioned, filmed and pretty much exploited for this dim-wit TV program. I was polite, informed, and did not bitch when the camera guy and journalist (I use the word, journalist loosely) FOLLOWED us home to do the teaser for the show (Kaching! – I think that’s worth another $15.00) Opal got zip for her trouble (Kaching!- I think that’s worth $15.00).  I think the dweeb gal at CTV might have been put off when I admitted I did not watch TV, did not own a TV and none of my relatives watched this program either. She told me (in a lovely, syrupy TV anchor-kinda voice) “Yes, we’ll let you have a copy of the 2.5 minute segment….FOR $39.95!!!! (Kaching!). I thought I was in a K-Tel nightmare gone Nova Scotian!  I told her that I had to pass on it.  She then tried to tell me about the high cost of making copies of program segments…sure, it must take all of, ah…5 minutes to cue up a tape and burn it to a DVD (Kaching! 5 cents worth of disc). She then suggested I contact the RCMP officer who was also in the piece with his police dog.  Sure babe, call out the Mounties. 

Then, to confirm the fact that the world has gone crazy, I heard something come out of my neighbour’s mouth that put the icing on my nutty cupcake today. Here’s the story: Opal and I are going to Toronto in 10 days time. I want to leave Lucy in my apartment for 2 nights instead of shipping her off to the cat sitter (and stressing her out). All I need is someone in my building to come in FOUR times to feed her, TWO, in a pinch…a job involving ten minutes of someone’s time for $20.00 (Kaching!). I asked T. if she would be around on that May holiday weekend, knowing full well that she would be.  She has no job, no family, no commitments, no friends, no life essentially except for her TV (maybe she’s watching “Live at Five”) and could really use the money. What does she say? … “Oh no, I don’t want the responsibility of taking care of your cat”. RESPONSIBILITY? of dishing out a scoop of kibble? Sigh. The world has gone crazy indeed. 


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