Where’s the rest of my breakfast?!! asks Opal

Today’s the day. We are off to Toronto. I’ve been saying this to Opal all week, as she has watched me put her ‘stuff’ in my back pack. Her ‘stuff’ by the way, takes up 85% of the pack. I’ll be lucky if I can squeeze in a change of clothes before I zip it shut this morning. Dogs (my dog, at least) do not travel light. I have a sac of pre-portioned food rations (extras in case we are stranded for an extra day), a bone, grooming brush, toy, identification and health papers, ear drops, and a blanket. There will be kibble in my pocket to dole out to Opal as the airplane ascends and lands. I’ve been told that dog’s ears go funny, just as humans’ might. At least I will be too busy stroking her ears to calm her and handing out kibble, that I may not remember that I fear flying and usually get airsick. This morning’s ration was just a scant 1/2 cup. I want her stomach to be not entirely full when we fly.  There’s no need for both of us to feel airsick. I could hear her thinking this morning, ‘Where’s the rest of my breakfast?!’  I promised her something ‘special’ in Toronto. ‘Special’ is my collective word for fun…at least I hope it’s fun for both of us. Given that there are at least a dozen Guide dogs attending the same meetings and staying in the same hotel…my guess is it will be a very ‘special’ time!


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