Guide Dog Riddles

Guide dog Riddle #1

What happens when you pile 5  Guide dogs and seven people into a hotel elevator? ANSWER: Not much. They are quiet and everyone gets to their floors.

Guide dog Riddle #2

What happens when you cram 20 Guide dogs and fourty blind people onto a school bus? ANSWER:  Not much. It’s a tight fit, but the dogs are well behaved amid the clamour of fourty  blind people eagerly anticipating a schooner cruise in Toronto harbour.


Guide dog riddle # 3

What happens when you board a schooner in Toronto harbour with 25 Guide dogs (some locals showed up that weren’t on the bus) and fifty blind people? ANSWER: The dogs are interested in the new scenario, but do their jobs.

Guide dog Riddle #4 

What happens when 25 Guide dogs and fifty blind people and ten or so crew and volunteers move below decks into a cramped dining room for a big buffet? ANSWER: The dogs are well behaved as food is flying and fifty blind people eat ravenously and compete to be heard over each others conversations and the loud music.


Guide dog Riddle #5

What happens when two Toronto taxis refuse to allow a Guide dog and handler into their cabs when they want to go to the airport  after the lovely mini-conference is over?  ANSWER: They take the third cab, and promise that there will be BIG TROUBLE for the two taxi drivers and their companies who obviously need a legal and financial reminder about the Guide dog access laws.


We had a lovely time in Toronto.  Opal and I are exhausted. She took it all in stride; the airports the flights, the long days, the strange hotel room, the strange city (maybe she thought we were just in another part of Halifax…the really big and noisy one), the pile of Guide dogs and all the new experiences.  We are ready for more adventures…but not today.


3 responses to “Guide Dog Riddles

  1. Aww I’m glad you had such a great time! And I’m glad all the guides were wonderful. 😀

  2. antivenin says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. nice sense of humour 🙂

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