Run Opal, Run!!!

I know. I’ve already written a blog with the same title. Today, however, we are a BIG step forward towards getting a safe, enclosed ‘run’ for service dogs in Halifax. I felt a little guilty about making Opal work on her birthday. Going to Advisory meetings at City Hall is not much fun for her. As usual, I brought her food ration for supper in the ladies room before the meeting. To my dismay, I forgot her dish. The Commissionaire saved the day. A lovely ceramic bowl was brought to me courtesy of the kitchen staff.  “Perhaps Mayor Kelly once ate his Wheaties out this bowl”, I say to Opal.  She could care less!  The meeting got underway at 4:00. As Chair of this monthly shindig, I can make announcements and requests. Yes, of course I added  singing  ‘Happy Birthday’ to Opal to the agenda. Councillor Wile has nice pipes. It got even better when Phil Townsend dropped in to announce that Council has approved $200,000.00 for improvement or development in HRM buildings with regards to disability. We (the HRM Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities) are the ones who are being consulted on the money’s dispersal. This is BIG for an advisory committee. It is BIG for THIS advisory committee. I asked how the proposal for a Service dog run would fit in. I put this proposal forward many months ago. Now that there is money committed to disability-related infrastructure, it will very likely be approved, says Phil. It could take a while, but I suspect that one day, I will be able to take a bus and access an enclosed service dog run…the first in Canada. Hot dog! Run Opal, Run!.  The meeting ended and I left feeling elated and important…then Opal had a poop in front of City Hall (I picked up). Nothing like a dog to bring you down to earth.


2 responses to “Run Opal, Run!!!

  1. I am really enjoying reading your blog. We have fostered one pup for Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. He is now in for his formal training.

    Though we miss him immensely, it is very helpful to read what his life may be like when he becomes a working dog.

    Reading about you and Opal makes me smile!

  2. Thank you so much! It must be hard to say goodbye to your pup…but look what they become!

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