Guide Dog Confession

OK, I know I’m not suppose to play with mum’s computer, but maybe just this once… We were at King’s College yesterday. Mum was invited to set up a display table at the Diversity Fair of Interchange 2008. I don’t know what it was really about, except that there were lots of people walking around, talking and exchanging papers. Mum gave me some ice cubes under the table at the luncheon. The lasagna smelled good, but no one at the table dropped any near me… rotten luck!   Back at the display, the table was full of AEBC stuff (you know, that group that does advocacy for blind folks). Lots of people came by to visit.  Most of them were women. Most of them wore sandals. Their toes were just within my reach. I confess! I love to lick women’s feet!  I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s the soap they use. Or the salt in their sweat. Who cares?!!! I LOVE to lick toes. It’s a good thing that most of them did not mind yesterday… sheesh, I remember this one lady whose toes I licked when we were on a bus.. she screamed so loudly… she was almost as upset as that cab driver,  the one who also screamed when I sneezed in his cab?… he nearly drove off the road!   Mum’s coming! Gotta go! (Opal)


3 responses to “Guide Dog Confession

  1. Dear Opal:
    I loved your account of the Diversity Fair at Kings College from your unique point of view… low to the ground where you could sniff things out for yourself, lick a few toes and really relax. And say… great keyboard skills — not to mention your writing skills! But then, nothing you do surprises me any more. Have a happy, toe-licking summer.

  2. Ah, Ms. Etta,
    keyboarding is a snap…. if only mum would buy us that big-button speaker phone… Lucy and I would be all set; crank calls, ordering pizza, staying in touch with our animal friends… see you in church… I’ll try not to crowd you on sunday. Opal

  3. Opal you’re too funny. Fantine, my most recent puppy decided she liked sticking her nose up ladies’ skirts. It’s a bad habit–keep your keen nose to yourself. 😀

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