True Bus Conversations

I thought I had heard everything. Apparantly not. Here are a few gems I have heard on Halifax Metro Transit buses recently.

Driver to passenger: “Yeah, that driver clipped a tree with her bus and took out a bunch of windows. It was an articulated (acordian-tyle) bus and she was still on probation.”

Driver to passenger: “I’m doing a 12 hour shift today from 5 to 5… then I’m driving my cab this evening ’till midnight”.  This makes me wonder how safe the passengers are with a bleary-eyed driver.  I think both the cab and bus passengers have something to worry about.

Passenger to driver: “yeah, I was on a  #4  bus last week. The driver whacked someone on the head with the Bus’s side-mounted mirror as he pulled into the terminal. The guy got on the bus all dazed and passed on the offer to talk to a supervisor”.

Driver to passenger: ” I like this route. I haven’t driven this for a while… I forgot to do Mountain Road on the first trip… don’t know if anybody got left behind”.

Me to the Driver: ” um, I think you took a wrong turn there at the roundabout. This is a # 6 you’re driving, not a #14. We’re going towards Herring Cove”.

Driver to all passengers: “OK, that’s it. Everybody off. My bus keeps stalling. You’ll have to get some other bus”.

Driver to me: ” you can have a seat on the left….I mean my other left”.




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