Did You Know….?

Here’s a little known fact. A dog’s nose has a unique pattern to it, much like a human fingerprint. If you were to blot your dog’s nose and imprint it on a card, it would have a distinct pattern, sort of like a topographical map of Costa Rica…BUT DON’T STICK YOUR DOG’S NOSE ONTO AN INK PAD!  IF YOU INSIST ON TRYING TO GET A “DOG NOSE  PRINT”, USE AN INNOCUOUS SUBSTANCE THAT WON’T HARM YOUR DOG OR LEAVE IT WITH A FUNNY-COLOURED SHNOZ!  If you ever wondered why your dog is so easily distracted by a smell (the fascination with all dog butts, for example), it’s because dog’s have a sense of smell that is 1000 to 10,000 times more powerful than a human’s. The pet dog’s need to stop and sniff every pole and tree on it’s way to the corner, is an example of the ‘doggie telegraph’ in action.  When they are engrossed in sniffing that twig, they are getting plenty of information about the last dog(s) who peed there; age, breed, sex, health condition and more. I have read that the instinct male dogs have to pee as high as they can on a post or tree, stems from a time when dogs wanted to make any wild animals who might be around, think that they were bigger than they might actually are, thereby defending themselves against potential attack. In my opinion, scent is the biggest distraction for a Guide dog. At least, it is for Opal. She can even be distracted by the scent of someone who owns a dog but is not with their dog (scent on clothing).


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