Opal in Love

Mum’s busy, so I thought I would sneak onto her computer and let the world know…I’m in LOVE!  Yes, I met him last night. He’s drop-dead gorgeous. A lovely German boy who is new in town.  He must have two jobs because mum talks about him being a shepherd too. I’m so impressed! As if Guiding isn’t job enough.  He is only 2 years old. That  means I am the older woman! His name is Jagar, except you don’t pronounce the J. One of those ‘J’ litter dogs from The Seeing Eye. I guess he has duo-citizenship, maybe even triple… he’s German, trained in the USA and now lives in Canada.  He’s very hot. At least, he will be this summer with that big fur coat.  Mum heard that if he goes to Mexico (lucky dog!) with his handler for a visit, the pavement will be so hot, that he’ll have to wear his boots!  I also think he likes me. He looks out the window when I’m out ‘getting busy’.  Yes! He lives upstairs! Maybe I’ll see him again  soon. I’m  getting to like these meetings mum goes to sometimes.  Especially when I get to ride the bus all the way with my new boyfriend. Sigh. oh those young German boys are sooo handsome! I only hope he doesn’t get too overworked with the shepherding job.


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