Opal Goes To Chicago Beach Dog Party (almost)

There are times when I think I am stuck in a kind of Internet group hell. I joined  the Chicago Off-Leash Dog Play Group on the Internet last week. Why, you ask? I am still trying to get information on off-leash dog parks to back my proposal for a service dog run/park here in Halifax. I have cruised through every service dog blog and every cyber dog park-related link on the web. Somehow, I was hopeful when I joined the Chicago dog play group. My reasoning was to access a bunch of people who know their dog parks and ask them how these things get set up. It was looking good. I created my mandatory profile (Opal is a 4 year old black lab etc) and sent out my queries for information to support my proposal in Halifax. No replies on that yet. However, I WAS in invited to the beach party for the dog play group with Opal this weekend… in Chicago. Dutifully, we RSVP’d our regrets…. twice. On Friday, I was reminded to look for the dog group flag at our meet- up point at the beach or to use my cell phone to find them if I did not see the flag.  Wear your Chicago Dog Play Group ID they advised.  Sigh.  I’m sure they were crushed when we did not arrive. I can imagine the frenzied play and doggie cavorting that went on without us.  God knows, we tried to get there.  I sent an e-mail to Prime Minister Harper requesting he push through an emergency visa for me (I don’t think we have a foreign affairs minister these days. Maxine Bernier was booted out after he left classified documents at his girlfriend’s house…the one with alleged criminal links).  We  waited for Steven’s  private Canadian government plane to fly us down to Chicago, but it never arrived.  It must have been called into action on a vital political junket.  Now, I am about to write to all of Opal’s dog pals and apologize profusely about our no-show. It hardly seems fair.   All I want to do is get a dog run/park here for service dogs like Opal (who can’t get to the off-leash play group events in Chicago).


2 responses to “Opal Goes To Chicago Beach Dog Party (almost)

  1. Good luck with your adventure and hope you could get a service dog park. That would be grand. I cannot help you with setting one up as I don’t know how they did the dog park things here in the States. We really do not have a service dog park but that would even be nicer to have. We have been having storms lately so I haven’t been on the computer much. Anyway good luck.

  2. If you still are looking for information regarding how dog parks are developed in Chicago, I am the person to speak to. You can contact me at my email address provided.


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