Last Word On Sausage Dogs!!!!

It seems that I have offended/irritated/annoyed/ticked off/angered a big bunch of ‘Dachsund’ dog owners. Sheesh! Lighten up you guys. Who knew that sausage dog enthusiasts have their own web site and forum?Apparently they are watching for any malicious commentary written about  the little bangers they travel with. I was front and centre yesterday: “Blind blogger hurls insults at Dachshund owner” read the web page. I entered my defense: I was actually PO’d at the irresponsible owner.  In fact, you wiener dog (oops, I mean ‘Long-dog’) owners should know that I once had such a pepperoni pooch myself. No, it was definitely not a Guide Dachshund. That would be one LONG handle on the harness. And how would a sausage-guide climb the steps to get on a bus? I’m not saying it couldn’t be worked out… just that the wieners are a little too stressed-out most of the time to do the job a Guide dog does. But hey, who would have thought there would be miniature ponies (I kid you not) being used as Guides for the blind.  Hmm. Now there’s an access law waiting to be written!  Yes, I had a low-riding canine. She was a good pal, but a bit of a nut. Those anal glands always seem to be in need of emptying. Again, it’s not the dog, just the owner I have a beef banger with. Sort your nutty dogs out! 


5 responses to “Last Word On Sausage Dogs!!!!

  1. I love Dachsunds, even though I never owned one. I’m a Boxer person.


  2. Hi there Boxer Boy. I loved my dachshund…they’re just a little hard to take seriously. I mean, look at them! They invite a comment and sometimes, even a comparison to… well, you know.

  3. Don’t be too upset, from what I can tell the woman who does that blog doesn’t even own a dachshund, she owns Scotties. She just likes drama!! 🙂

  4. Hmm.

  5. Which forum was this on?

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