UU Flower Communion Sunday

I am still relatively new to the UU (Universalist Unitarian) Church of Halifax. It appears that despite our broad, inclusive approach to faith and spirituality, UU’s still enjoy a tradition or two. Today is Flower communion Sunday. Let me explain; the summer solstice (June 21) is big with UU’s. All things planetary are. So, given that today is the Sunday closest to the solstice, our  celebration takes place today. I was sent an e-mail containing the order of service and a note about today. It read:  “The Flower communion Service is a uniquely Unitarian tradition; this year we are combining it with a celebration of summer solstice. Please bring a single blossom to share with the congregation; at the end of the service you will take a different blossom home.”  Hmm. I live in an apartment building. No private flower garden here. That does not rule out the common grounds (where Opal relieves). I had an idea that there is a ‘bush’ with flowers on it, as well as the newly planted spring flower beds nearby. This was confirmed yesterday by a sighted friend. We nonchalantly inspected the flowers. “This is a nice rose bud. Just remember where to find it in the morning before church and snip it”, suggested Lee Anne. Hmm. Sure, why not? I’m game to try and hack a flower off of a bush when who knows how many old biddies are staring out their windows, watching every move I make (They are the ones who “DON’T WANT TO WATCH THE DISGUSTING SIGHT OF THAT DOG..” -Opal relieving herself- Remember?), hoping to have a little something extra to complain about… But who cares?! It’s Flower Communion Sunday at my church, darn it! I’m going to throw caution to the wind and snip three or four blossoms off! Come on, Opal. We have a petty theft to commit. 


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