Dog Day Afternoon

My dog day afternoon is nothing like Al Pacino’s character’s  (Sonny) day in the Hollywood classic, Dog Day Afternoon.   No, Sidney Lumet’s film had darker imagery on THAT dog day afternoon. Sonny and Sal were having an entirely different PM than Opal and I are having today. (Though I did like the bit in the movie when Sonny starts shouting, “Attica” to the crowd outside the bank he is attempting to rob)  It is similarly warm in Halifax today as it was in  the New York setting in the film.  Naturally, local meteorologists are starting to cite temperatures with “Humidex” values again. It seems that we just can’t say, “It’s hot and sticky” any more. I left my work on the desk to relieve Opal.  Upon returning towards our building’s entrance, she halted and dropped on the grass nearby where she lay and refused to get up.  “Time to work on my tan, mum” reads the thought bubble over her head. I indulged her for a few minutes, until I  felt the UV rays penetrating my unshielded scalp…. (UV Index… another stat in our current jargon).  I’m not sure why a black dog wants to fry herself in the sun, but clearly it is a rite of summer for Opal. Bring on my sunblock and sunhat! It is summertime. I once made the mistake of announcing that it was, “SUMMERTIME!”  to Opal one morning as we walked up the road. She stopped in her tracks and spun around to look at me in anticipation of…“SUPPERTIME!”. The fact that it was 11 am did not enter into my hopeful lab’s mind. 



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