Opal’s Confession

I need to get this off my chest. My very hairy chest. Mum doesn’t know it yet, but while she was doing the laundry somewhere out there in our apartment building, I ate Lucy’s cat food ’cause the bathroom door was wide open and there it was… Oh, and I hid mum’s slippers… and I got on the Internet and ordered a bunch of stuff from E-bay with her credit card (I REALLY need some smart toys) … and I ‘phoned up Jager (the German boy upstairs who works as a Guide AND a shepherd!) to ask him out for lunch… and I sent sent an e-mail to the Chicago off leash dog recreation group to confirm our play date for the weekend. I love to fly, so I don’t understand why we’re not going to these neat outings…. and I opened the ‘fridge and looked around for something interesting. Sheesh! it’s rough living with a vegetarian mum! There wasn’t even an apple in there, so I guess that means we’re doing the shopping thing today… Oh no! she’s coming back… gotta go!


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