Teach Your Parents Well

Yeah, I know. It’s a rip off of the CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) song, “Teach Your Children Well”. Opal and I were emerging from a public washroom at the mall yesterday. We stopped by the water fountain for a drink of cold water on such a  warm day. As I was attending to Opal’s drink, the little boy who had been loitering nearby ASKED if he could pat Opal.  I told him politely, “Sorry, she’s working, but thanks for asking. Maybe next time you see us I will have more time and can take her harness off so you can give her pat, OK?”  The kid was fine with that. As I dumped the remainder of the water down the fountain’s drain, the boy’s mom came out of the ladies room. Before I could react, mom started fussing with Opal, talking to her, giving her way too much ‘luvin’ and oblivious to the meaning of the harness Opal was wearing.  I gave Opal a tug and a firm “Leave it”. Actually, the “Leave it” was more for mom’s benefit.  Then I told the boy, “Maybe you can teach your mom that she needs to ASK to pat ANY dog, and that Guide dogs don’t get patted when they are wearing their harness.”  We left to shop.  

The girls and I are going incognito this weekend. See ya later!


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