Opal Goes To The UU Picnic

I am told that for the past nine years, the annual Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax picnic has had beautiful weather on almost each occasion. Not so this year! It rained steadily in Nova Scotia for most of the day. When Opal and I arrived with our friend and food in tow, it was no surprise to learn that the UU’s would be eating indoors today. In true UU fashion, our congregation took lemons and made lemonade.  Sure, it would have been lovely to be outside, hanging off the deck and playing ring-toss on the church’s grassy lawn, but Plan ‘B’ was plenty of fun. The pot luck food was excellent and plentiful.  The ‘After Choir’ sounded great with their guitars and kazoos accompanying tunes like “Don’t Fence Me In”, “In the Good Old Summertime” and other familiar sing-along songs. The congregational photo was taken, as it is every year. This year, for the first time, there will be a beautiful black lab posing elegantly in the front row, front paws crossed, shining like a star and proudly wearing her Guide dog harness.  There’s no question that Opal would have had more fun outside had the weather co-operated.  I had arrived hopeful and prepared with her retractable leash and toys, but they remained unused in my knapsack. Maybe next year. We had fun all the same (right Opal?).


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