From Another Century

I’m from another century. I was born in 1955 (yeah, that’s right. I’m a 52 year old hot and cranky menopausal woman). To put it into context, I was born BEFORE the moon landing, the creation of the Internet, the assassination of JFK, desegregation in the USA, 911, the invention of things like cell phones, hybrid cars, i-pods, CD’s, GPS, and personal computers. When I was a kid, we did not have terms in our vocabulary like ‘global warming’, ‘weapons of mass destruction”, climate change’, ‘political correctness’, ‘carbon credits’, ‘environmental footprint’, ‘Me generation’, ‘baby boomers’, ‘cultural mosaic’,  or ‘google it’.  So, today, as I used Windows Messenger to ‘Live chat’ with a woman who is an urban planner in the United Kingdom (she discovered me through reading my blog), I suddenly realized how much my life has been changed by the technological transformation that has occurred in the world in the relatively short time since my birth. It was a startling and heady experience. I felt both awed and humbled. I don’t understand how technology works for the most part.  I doubt if many people understand it either, or can even explain how (technically)  e-mail or ‘Live messages’ get onto their computer screens. We punch keys and click away, totally oblivious to the power beneath our fingers and how the information finds its way onto our screen or comes out of our speakers.  I try not to dwell on this stuff… ’cause it can make you crazy! However, I am pleased that I had the opportunity to chat with Annie in England about transit and other things.  It struck me as significant enough to merit a blog… thank goodness some things still strike me as a ‘big deal’ some times. 


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