Opal Joins The Mounties!

It is Canada Day!  Opal and I took in a concert at the Public Gardens here in Halifax. We expected (according to the blurb on the HRM web site), two hours of live music (40’s, 50’s and 60’s) at the band shell. The music was pretty much a bust, however, we loved the free water, maple cookies, Canadian flags and pins (Opal has a tiny Canadian maple leaf flag pin attached to her harness now). Best of all, Opal joined the RCMP!  Well, she actually joined the two Mounties that were standing around, for a photo ‘op’.  We both did. There we were, both grinning between the pair of ‘posers’ in red serge, big boots and peaked hats. They tussled her head. (No comment about Guide dog patting from me!) These guys were busy as Canadian beavers with the lineup of people wanting their snapshot taken with the men in red.  My question to them?  “Where are your horses”? Now THAT would have been a photo! Maybe we need to visit Regina (home of the RCMP Musical Ride).


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