One More Smart Ass Answer…

Yesterday, at the Public Gardens where Opal and I attended a Canada Day concert, someone asked me the following:  “Is that a blind dog?”  I knew of course what the woman meant… Is that a dog for the blind?  However, this came on the heels of ANOTHER question that was raised on the bus ride over to the concert. The fat guy sitting next to me had asked; “Is that a seeing dog?”.  He meant, I assume, Is that a Seeing Eye dog?  It was hot and crowded on the bus, so instead of launching into the ‘Guide dog/Seeing Eye dog- What is the difference?’ explanation, I concentrated on getting off at the right stop and without injury to Opal.  Maybe it was the cramped, airless bus and Caribbean soccer team reeking of aftershave that boarded at the university and threatened to flatten me and step on Opal’s toes that put me over the top. By the time we finally settled at the Gardens and the woman came along and asked about the’ blind dog’, I had lost my charm, my cool and my ability to think of a REALLY good comeback. My smart ass answer was, “No, she’s not a blind dog. If she were, we’d really have trouble getting around”. She didn’t think it was very funny, though I did hear some chuckles and tittering from people sitting nearby. 


2 responses to “One More Smart Ass Answer…

  1. As a puppy raiser for TSE, I am often asked the same, “Is that one of those blind dogs?” question.

    But wouldn’t that be the blind leading the blind? (Sorry couldn’t help myself)

  2. By all means! Nothing like a sight joke. I LOVE your blog, by the way. Can I link it on mine?

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