Near Miss For My Miss Opal

Sometimes Opal and I get into rambunctious play mode… in the apartment. I try to limit her indoor toy collection to the softer variety; plush puppies, rubber rings, that sort of thing.  Despite my best efforts to keep things ‘cool’, once in a while she just go nuts. OK, maybe I don’t always ask her to “settle Gretel”  or “take a break” when I should. Call me a bad mum or an “enabler” as any TV pop-psych guru worth their salt (and obscene paychecks) would. Yesterday, for example, Opal and I got into a lively soccer match. We use a lightweight  ‘fuzzy’ plush pumpkin as a ball.  This toy came to us after a friend cleaned out her closet of unwanted  Halloween stuff.  The trouble started when I was attempting to get a goal past her.  Perhaps I  used too much spin on my kick.  The ball  warped out  of control into the corner of the living room.  This is where my exercise rowing machine  leans upright against a wall.  Opal is an avid player and a good goalie, not too mention a dandy seeker’ (we love the Harry Potter audio series). She took off after that plush pumpkin like a Greyhound goes after a rabbit.  I heard a loud thunk which could only be dog hitting metal (rower).  Then came the scraping sound of the rower skidding down the wall, followed by a sickening crash of my rower hitting the…. floor?  My heart reached my mouth as the adrenaline in my system kicked in. My mind raced in all directions (mostly towards the vet on North Street) but my feet ran to find my girl.  She was fine. The rower? A chip off the frame but who cares!? I checked Opal over carefully.  She seemed to have been given a total miss by the forty-five pound pile of metal that adorns my lounge but rarely sees action. No more! That rower is going to a new home in the hall closet. My girl could have been seriously hurt. I can’t imagine trying to explain such a  freak accident to the vet. Maybe I could. Last year she fell off the bed. She had been looking out the window (major busybody). Somehow she managed to pirouette off my bed and hit her butt on the top edge of the CCTV (big magnifying machine). She landed on the floor. A small scratch to her buttocks refused to heal, became infected, and necessitated a trip to the vet. A topical treatment was applied…. after he shaved her butt.  She was not in pain, at least not physical pain. However, her gigantic and obsessive preoccupation with her ‘look’, was shattered. She was mortified at the thought of being  seen in public with a big naked patch on her back end.  I thought I would have to shave MY head in solidarity or at least knit Opal a butt ‘toupee’.  We survived THAT episode as we survived yesterday’s near miss. I learned (again) that you can’t  be too cautious in making sure that your home is a safe environment for your animals…and that some force bigger than me is looking out for my girl.


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