D.A.W.G. nominee

Dear Wise Advice, we understand that you know the lady with the good looking black Lab Guide dog, Opal. We at the DAWG Committee would like to nominate Opal IV for her recent achievements. The DAWG’s (Dandy Award for Wonderful Guides) are handed out each September to deserving guide dogs who have been nominated by a group of their peers. It seems that a string of deeds performed by Opal of Halifax, has moved the community. First, Jaguar (the German Shepherd Guide and neighbour) claims that Opal has inspired him to behave like a gentlemen. Second, the yappy wiener dog (prefers to remain anonymous) is moved with gratitude that Opal (and her mum) have not yet reported him to ‘animal control’. Third, the bus driver on the #6 is very impressed that Opal saves her mum from getting hit in the crosswalk every day. Fourth, the drivers of the cars that pass the bus in the crosswalk and nearly kill Opal and her mum, are pleased that they are regularly spared the ‘hassle’ of a vehicular manslaughter charge. Finally, the Guide dog in the bus shelter at the terminal yesterday? The one who threw himself at the plexi-glass wall in the bus shelter and started barking so loudly when he spotted Opal working the sidewalk outside the shelter that his handler didn’t know what to do? He is VERY impressed. Opal was playing hard to get, he claims. More importantly, she totally ignored him… because she was doing her job so extraordinarily well. Please contact Opal and announce the good news; she is DANDY material. The award ceremonies will be held at the Halifax Service dog park/run (if and when it is ever approved by HRM for construction). The alternate venue is somewhere in Chicago, given that the Chicago Off Leash Dog Recreation Play Group is so fond of entertaining and particularly keen on Canadian attendance to all its events.


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