Opal Goes On a Date

Ooooo he’s so big and strong! No wonder his name is ‘Iron’. I call him him ‘the Ironman’, ’cause he can really go the distance. We had our first real date today. So romantic! We went to see a movie called Mama Mia. Sure, maybe the movie was a little flaky, but I just loved cozying up to that fella. It was full of music… some group called, Abba. Iron’s mum and mine were tapping their toes and didn’t seem to notice that we were… you know…having a little romance going on. The dancing on the screen distracted Iron’s mum, and my mum kept asking Iron’s mum if somebody called Meryl Streep was REALLY singing those Abba songs. Gee, I thought my mum invented the abba song… you know… “abba dabba dabba, Opal!”…that’s what she sings to me sometimes. Neither of our mums would let us eat popcorn. Sheesh! You think they’d have shared a little, especially since the Ironman and I were on our first big date. Iron showed me the way through Park Lane Mall and out the entrance on Dresden Row. We rode the lift together (he calls it an elevator) and then two escalators. We parted ways on the sidewalk (sigh). He went down to Spring Garden Road while my mum tried to make up for it by taking me to the Public Gardens. She would not let me swim with the ducks and geese in the pond, so that was a bit of a bummer. On our way home, three people said, “look, there’s a blind dog”. I don’t get it. I can see really well. Gee whiz, if I couldn’t see… and mum can’t see…? we’d be in BIG TROUBLE!


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