Wise Advice Chief Lost in Time Warp!

This just in: Reports out of Halifax confirm that Wise Advice chief, Helen McFadyen (aka Lablady) is lost in a bizarre time warp. Sources say that the self-proclaimed queen of advice-giving entered a vortex of childhood nostalgia last night and has not been seen since. According to Poprah Minfrey, WA’s nosy neighbour, it all began with an e-mail. ” It was just one of those things, so typical of THAT woman. She’s always putting her nose in it”, says Poprah. Upon receiving a message announcing the death of a childhood classmate, the Wise Advice chief noticed a lengthy list of names and e-mail addresses who had also received the sad news. Details are sketchy at this time, but it appears that Lablady took it upon herself to ‘reach out’ to the dozens of former elementary school classmates whose e-addresses were (unfortunately for them) all laid  out before her. Ms. Minfry claims that she could hear loud hoots of laughter coming from the Wise Advice chief’s home  when she booted up her computer this morning and discovered several replies from the e-mails she had sent… to people she has not seen in 40 years.  “Frankly, I haven’t heard such a racket since that guy down the road, Ollie MacDonald took up the bagpipes” exclaimed Poprah.

Wise Advice apparently left a note before entering the Bermuda Triangle of her childhood. It reads: ” wow! who’dathunkit? These kids grew up to be people with spouses and kids and pets and jobs and lives! I must find out more….”


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