Are We Moving, Mum?

I’m a little worried this morning. It’s true. Dogs worry too. Mum got up soooo early today. Gee, I thought I was the one who was supposed to kiss her good morning. I thought maybe we were going on an adventure somewhere, but that’s not what happened. Mum got up and started taking her bed apart! Then she moved it out of our room along with my recliner! I tried to ask her, “are we moving, mum?” by wandering around and being clingy. People think that dogs don’t get upset when our home environment changes, but that’s not true. I like my stuff to stay in the same place in my house.  She keeps saying that it’s OK…something about a new bed. I guess I’ll trust my mum….here she is…”Moon river, wider than a mile…” ….thanks mum, I needed that!


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