I checked some of the search words that people are using to get to my blogs.  My conclusion is that many people are interested in numbers…’number of blind people in Canada’ for example.  Here is some statistical information. I do not guarantee that it is the most current information, but it will provide a sense of proportion about the population.

  • According to Statistics Canada, the last PALS study (Participation Activity Limitation Survey) a total of 4.4 million Canadians (1 in 7) reported having a disability in 2006.
  • In 2001, 12.4% reported having a disability, and in 2006, it had risen to 14.3% of the population.
  • The Eastern provinces reported higher rates of disabled residents. Nova Scotia checked in at 20% compared to Ontario with 15.5%
  • Problems relating to pain, mobility and agility affects almost 3 million adults.
  • 5% of the population reports a hearing disability (1,265,000)
  • 3.2% report a seeing disability (815,000)
  • 1.9% report a speech disability (480,000)
  • In Canada, the average number of days lost per worker due to a disability or illness is 7.6
  • According to the AFB (American Federation for the Blind), 1.3 million Americans are legally blind.
  • AFB reports 5.5 million elderly Americans have vision loss.
  • 109,000 Americans use a white long cane to get around. There are over 7000 people who have dog guides.
  • There are 93,600 visually impaired students in special education programs.  in the United States (AFB) with 10,800 being deaf-blind.
  • There are 55, 200 legally blind children in the USA.
  • Only 32 % of working age blind Americans are employed.
  • 1.5 million Americans with vision loss use computers.
  • CNIB reported 104,184 registered clients in 2002. The important thing to note is that CNIB registration is VOLUNTARY, and reflects only 50% of the actual number of people who live with vision loss.
  • In 2001 it was estimated that the number of people in the world affected by  AMD (all age related macular degeneration)  between the ages of 65 and 75 was 2.2 million.
  • It is projected that the number of people in the world affected by AMD will increase to 4 million by 2021.

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