Buy That Guide Dog A Nose…or a toe…or a tail…

This is for all Canadians out there who amble into the local Walmart store or other retail location where perhaps, you once noticed a large, plastic Golden Retriever Guide Dog sitting by the entrance or near the checkout counter.  The boy (or girl) dog has a  money slot on the top of his/her  head. On the base of this acrylic canine is a little sign that says, “Canadian Guide Dogs For The Blind”. This is the school where Opal comes from and where we trained together.  This is the Guide Dog Training Centre that ‘gives’ Guide dogs to  blind people at a cost of $1.00.  It actually cost $35,000.00 to put one dog into the hands of a blind handler.

So, I do my bit to show my appreciation to CGDB.  I  convinced the local Walmart manager to allow CGDB to place two plastic Guider collector dogs in his store. It’s no skin off the manager’s nose. These puppies take up only one square foot of floor space each.  They attract kids and people generally love them. I go each month to empty  the coins out of Buzz and Regina (named after Opal’s mum and dad).  I clean them because kids often ‘pat’ them with grubby hands.  They will go to the car wash next summer for pressure hosing. Today, the haul seemed lighter than usual.  Maybe $150 or $160. I said to Opal, “looks like CGDB  can buy a Guide dog’s toe today”. You do the math.  One entire guide dog=$35,000.00 so $150. would likely buy a  toe. Next time you see the collector dogs? Put some money in them. If you’re one of our regular contributors?  How about digging a little deeper into your pockets or billfold?


2 responses to “Buy That Guide Dog A Nose…or a toe…or a tail…

  1. Judy & Garry

    Hi Helen:

    We are volunteers for the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind near Manotick. We have just finished fostering Zippy, a black Labrador puppy, we collect from the Guider Dogs in Eastern Ontario, along the St Lawrence River and board puppies during vacations. We learned about your blog from another puppy walker and just love it. We were delighted to hear your annual visit with jane was so successful. We would like to write to you directly…is that possible?

  2. Hi Judy and Gary! good for you fostering a puppy. ‘Z’ litter eh? Yes, the annual visit went swimmingly. I’m relieved it was not today’s mall visit (Opal INSISTED on a taste of my Mocha-almond-chocolate chip gelatto) Sheesh! That could have been a disaster if Jane had been there.
    Do write to me…

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