New Bling For Opal

Oooooo. I have stunning new bling! Mum’s friend gave me a beautiful purple necklace. Some dog’s call their necklaces “collars”, but mum tells me that mine is special (like me), so we call it a necklace or bling.  Mum put my tag (the one with my CGDB registration number on it) and my bell (so mum can hear me moving around) on the new necklace. I always wear my necklace around the house ’cause mum says that a  pretty girl needs her bling at all times. Also, if anything were to happen (like a, I hope not),  it would be easier to drag me out of the house ’cause I might get scared and be resistant. My tag has the CGDB phone number on it, so if I ever get lost and wander way over to Pictou county or somewhere, the person who finds me can call CGDB and they would know by reading my registration number, who I was and  where I belong.  And hey! I have a computer inside me too. OK, maybe it’s really called an AVID  microchip, but if I get lost without my necklace, a vet or animal shelter can scan me (like a box of Milk Bones at the grocery store checkout) for my ID information. AVID (American Veterinary Identification Device) is a really big computer data base that tells the scanner who I am when it reads my secret AVID 8 digit number.  And then there’s my tattoo that’s located on my…..


One response to “New Bling For Opal

  1. Every Hard working girl deserves new bling, which is only a compliment to her beautiful glistening black coat.You’re welcome Opal It Was my pleasure!

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