“Good Girl!” X 835,907,624,512 times

I don’t have hard statistic-gathering methodology to back up this claim, but I am quite certain that my recent self-monitoring of the number of times a day that I say, “Good Girl!”  to Opal, would reveal that I utter these words…umm, A LOT!!! More times than I say “hello”, “thankyou”, “Don’t pet my dog, she’s working”, “excuse me”, “Where is the…”, and any other combination of words on most days. In total since I’ve been with her? thousands millions billions times more than Micky D’s has sold cardboard burgers to the unsuspecting carnivore citizens of the world. It pops out of my mouth without forethought; a verbal reflex that I do not use sparingly. Opal gets a “good girl!” (with or without the exclamation in my voice) when she relieves, when she responds to any command and when she does something of her own initiative.  I croon it to her when we cuddle, when I groom her and when I kiss her goodnight (YES I KISS MY DOG GOODNIGHT!).  I say it to  comfort her when the vet is poking her or the technician is trimming her nails.  I say it to her in the night when I sleepily extend my  hand down to her bed to check that she is OK.  I will continue to say, “Good Girl!” until one of us takes our last breath.


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