God Loves Everyone

Ron Sexmith popularised this tune written by Mark Erelli. Today, DW and JM performed it during our (Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax) service. Maybe it’s not ‘traditional’ church music, but if you’re a UU? …well, it works for us.  When I  learned that today’s service was to be “Pride Sunday”, I groaned inwardly. Didn’t we just get done with Pride Week in Halifax? I asked myself. Isn’t it enough that at the beginning of each UU service, the service leader reads the following: “We are a community which nurtures personal growth, practices inclusiveness, celebrates diversity and affirms individual and collective commitment to community service and social justice” ?  I arrived at my church physically tired and mentally weary after a long night of ‘discussion’ with my significant other about the state of our relationship.  Sigh.  By the time the service began, I was programmed to being cranky and resistant to the presentation.  My determination to be bored  didn’t ‘take’ .  Was it the lyrics to ‘God loves Everyone’? ….“There are no gates in heaven, Everyone gets in, Queer or straight, Souls of every faith. Hell is in our minds, Hell is in this life, But when its gone, God takes everyone….” Can you imagine the wincing and squirming fundamentalist-types would do if they heard these lyrics in THEIR church? The narrow-minded lot who preach homosexuality as ‘sin’ would trip over themselves trying to escape such a scene. But UU’s? Some smiled, some wept (like me) in the clutches of memories of a world that can  be ungracious to the its citizens and unaccepting of human NATURE.  There has always been and will be,  an estimated 10 to 15%  of the world’s population who are gay, lesbian,  bisexual, transgendered, or ‘other’.  It boggles the mind why so many ‘people of faith’ have expended so much determined energy  to ‘change’ this reality.  What is accomplished by  persecuting/criminalizing/alienating/discriminating against  non-heterosexuals? Surely it’s not the procreation argument for the ‘unbabies’ that DON’T get cranked out and added to a planet already groaning from overpopulation? That’s a stale, homophobic argument that’s just as irrational as wanting to rid  the world of potential child molesters (child molesters and rapists are predominately straight men) . That some countries continue to execute ‘homosexuals’ is, at the very least, sad and more accurately, an atrocious act.  How grateful I am that my country (Canada) has entrenched the rights of its citizens  protecting them (in theory) from discrimination based on sexual preference. How happy I am that my church performs a myriad of weddings for ALL  couples, and that their union is recognized as LEGAL in my country. Former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, is the guy who said  “the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”... he got that right.


2 responses to “God Loves Everyone

  1. ———————-
    Standing Ovation
    What a wonderful article.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the big O. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but…

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