Wise Advice Chief Arrested!

Wise Advice Chief, HRM (also known as Lablady) was arrested Thursday evening. The self-proclaimed queen of Halifax was charged with the following offences: 1 count of Vincibilty (opposite of invincibility), 1 count of Aggressive Hoisting of a Microwave causing bodily pain, 5 counts of Excessive Use of Potty Mouth, 2 counts of Animal Emotional Neglect,  and 327 counts of General Crankiness.  Police spokesperson, Constable Opal commented: ” It was one of those sad cases of a woman trying to do too much with a body that would not cooperate. You can’t ignore chronic pain too long…something’s got to give”.  Wise Advice was kept under house arrest for the weekend. Her phone and e-mail were shut down. She was allowed to go out into the community (escorted by Constable Opal) to purchase cat food and to attend church. Forced to take hot mineral baths, meditate, listen to countless audio books and play with her animals for three days,  it appears that Wise Advice is now on the mend. Judge Judy commented on the case: ” Her moral compass may be intact, but the lady must get her other monitoring systems calibrated”. Hey…. doesn’t Wise Advice’s sweetie calibrate equipment by trade?


3 responses to “Wise Advice Chief Arrested!

  1. I’m glad Wise Advice is on the mend!

    Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your articles. Since I found you several weeks ago, I check in every day and have not been disappointed with your timely comments.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hey Paula, wise advice appreciates your vote of support!

  3. Missed your posts but glad you had some much needed down time.

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