Mothers of Invention Invent Magic Carpet Ride

It’s the weekend, so cut me some slack on the double pop-culture reference, eh?

In early May, I tediously cleaned my 8′ X 10′ area rug, rolled it up and stowed that puppy away in the closet. It was getting warm and the thought of vacuuming the beast during the hazy days of summer was overwhelming. I sweat buckets when I hoover, so adding summer temps to the task was not an option.  Besides, my vacuum cleaner had been gasping and sputtering along for weeks. I feared its spontaneous expiration in a blaze of dog hair and a puff of smoke if I overworked it any more than necessary.

The weather has shifted in Nova Scotia…towards fall. That means crisp, cool air, the sweet smell of decaying leaves and the promise of winter to come.  I decided to haul the rug back to its place in the lounge, but not before cleaning our digs tippy-top to bottom.  The girls were curious when I lugged the large tube of rolled up carpet to the room where we eat, play and entertain. I’m convinced that they had completely forgotten that we ever had it in our home, so when I lay it out, it was all new to Lucy and Opal.  They sniffed (mostly Opal sniffed) and walked end to end and corner to corner over the checkerboard pattern. Suddenly, their brains set off simultaneous light bulbs. WARNING!  This is the double pop-culture reference! Necessity is indeed the mother of invention (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention produced ‘Freak Out’ in 1966, one of the first ‘concept rock’ albums ever.  Oddly, I recall the pillow on the floor that I was sitting on while I ate Twinkies with my cup of Jasmine tea…the dim lighting, incense, shag rug…the 12 members of the urban commune I was visiting…hmm, I can’t seem to recall any lyrics to the Zappa and Mothers music that was playing in the room.)

Opal threw herself on her back on the rug and got some intense back and muzzle scratching going for a full ten minutes. Lucy realized that she had discovered the world’s biggest scratching pad. She dug her many, many claws into it (she’s a double-toed calico).   It was for them, a magic carpet ride (Magic Carpet Ride was released by Steppenwolf in 1968…sadly, I don’t recall those lyrics either. Like many of the free-spirited types or that era,  I retained only bits about the 60’s experience…we ingested, puffed and imbibed way too many substances. Thank god, some of us grew up and retained brain cells).

My perk with the rug? My music sounds better with the sound damping effect created by the rug.  I can listen to my tunes (not Zappa or Steppenwolf these days) and enjoy  the richer sound that comes out of my stereo.  Now, all I need to do is buy that monster shop vac at Canadian Tire to help me keep the girl’s magic carpet relatively clean.


2 responses to “Mothers of Invention Invent Magic Carpet Ride

  1. Hi Helen,

    my name is Lillie Erhardt and I have been reading your blog which I found very interesting!
    You wrote about vacuumcleaner so I have a great tip-off for you.

    This year Electrolux are celebrating 90 years which they will pay tribute to persons through the project Kitchen Stars! To become a Kitchen Star you need to send us a photo on you and tell us about a worth remembering memory from the kitchen.

    As an exchange for your participation all the Kitchen Stars will receive a trendy Electrolux ErgoRapido vacuumcleaner!

    If this sounds interesting please contact me for further information.

    Kind Regards,

    Lillie Erhardt,
    for Electrolux.

  2. HI Lillie, WOW!!! I could use a new machine. I checked the web site for this promotion/contest. It seems I must be photographed in a kitchen with an Electrolux appliance…no such thing in my digs. I have put out an urgent call for anyone with one in their kitchen to allow me to sort of…come in for a photo op. If all else fails, I will stick a make shift sign over my fridge or stove and make my pitch…”woman with dog hair crisis in urgent need of a free vacuum!!” I have no choice in what appliances I use, they come with the apartment….

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