Message to Opal and Lucy (our cat)

Now hear this Opal and  Lucy! When mum goes into the bathroom and shuts the door, it means I want PRIVACY!  I can not escape out a secret passageway. Trust me, I am not  doing anything particularly interesting.  Poking the door with your noses to see what’s going on, is NOT necessary. Lucy, I promise not to eat your food while I’m in there. I know you will not die of starvation while I am taking a bath. I’ll be in there 15 minutes tops.  There is no party going on and there is no one else with me. I do not require assistance from either of you. I am not in danger of drowning or flushing myself down the toilet. Thank you for your co operation.


One response to “Message to Opal and Lucy (our cat)

  1. Paula Connolly

    I have found that the fastest way to lure the cats from hiding is to go to the bathroom–works almost every time! I agree that cats (in my case) wanting to be one’s bathroom buddy can be a bit much.
    (I cat sit a fair amount–that is how I get my cat fix)

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