Like a ‘Price Is Right’ Cadillac Without an Engine

You know you’re not having a good day when you  go down to the laundry room to retrieve your clothes from the dryer and  you discover that someone (that old gaga fart from the 3rd floor) has opened your dryer at least a  half hour before time was due to elapse, and  she ‘forgets’ to shut it, thereby allowing the drying time to tick down to zip. She does this a lot.  I can never quite pin it on her, but I KNOW it’s her …What are you doing opening my dryer in the first place, you old ditz ?!!  It’s not like you can’t tell it’s in use. Laundry basket on top, warm rumbling coming from the machine… and seven other machines empty and idle. Old age is no excuse for downright rude, insane and disruptive behaviour! Not to mention the health risk you created by forcing me to  wear damp clothing  outside in October… because  gee, I hadn’t anticipated laundry sabotage today!  I want security cameras! And guards…with Tazers!… and some big mean dogs on patrol!  Then, just to add some nuts to my banana spit, I  discovered that the damp pile of clothes that I had just hauled up to my apartment, had an unusual smell coming from them. This continues to baffle me. They smell worse now than they did  before I washed them…much worse. Did the old biddie hurl a stinking potion onto them too?   It gets worse.   I had a few minutes to kill before leaving for the movie (‘Blindness’ day), so I thought I’d try out the HRM voting site on the Net.  Yes, it’s the first day of electronic voting in HRM.  I’ve been feeling all happy and victorious about accessible voting for weeks now,  ever since I heard that HRM was testing electronic voting for  the Halifax Municipal election.  Woa! Not too quick with the democratic process happy dance!  My joy fizzled out when I got onto the HRM voting web site start page and discovered that the security ‘descramble’ of letters and numbers DID NOT HAVE AN AUDIO OPTION!!! Good going guys. What are people with screen reading software supposed to do?  It’s like winning a big honking Cadillac on The Price Is Right and discovering that the car has no engine. Sheesh!  Being ever resourceful, I asked my neighbour to come look at my computer monitor and read the scramble for me.   She was ‘visiting’ anyway, at least, just long enough to complain about the ‘thunking’ noise against our adjoining wall.  “Oh that”, I said. “It’s just Opal getting settled in her recliner.”  I apologized and promised to move my dog’s favourite chair from against the wall,. I  gave my neighbour a cookie as she left, shaking her head and muttering all the way back to her lair.    Sigh. Yes, my dog has her own recliner. But it’s VERY old and I WAS going to toss it out back in July…except Opal wouldn’t let me.


3 responses to “Like a ‘Price Is Right’ Cadillac Without an Engine

  1. Ug! I get irritated by dumbfarts opening people’s dryers and moving the stuff when it is done, but ust barely, but that’s just disgusting.

    I know this isn’t perfect, but have you heard of WebVisum? It would allow you to crack those graphic things when they don’t have an audio. is the place to go. It works with firefox. You need a friend to invite you. Let me know if you want to try it and I’ll gladly be your friend.

    and hope the unusual smell wasn’t anything truly vile. I heard about a guy pinching a loaf in people’s laundry. Like eeewww!

  2. Carin, you must have had time on your hands last night, ’cause I woke up to three comments from you! Thanks. I will check the webvisum thing…sounds good, though I think web accessibility should still be encouraged. I will let you know about the buddy invite to it. As for the funky laundry smell? I decided that it was…Vicks mentholatum…someone must have left one of those little inhalers in their pocket and dumped it in the washer, thereby polluting everyone’s laundry for the next 3 months. I’m going to put caution tape and a note on the funky machine.

  3. Absolutely. It’s a damn war between the spammers and the anti-spammers. The part that really sucks is for people who also have significant hearing loss along with the vision, so the audio, intentionally garbled as it is, is unintelligible. That’s why I think WebVisum is cool, although we’re all screwed if they start telling us to actually interpret pictures, i.e. an inkblot test. What does the cloud look like. then we’re poochd. Spammers need to go to a special miserable place reserved only for them.

    and yeah, I needed to catch up on your blog. I’ve been following it ever since you chewed on Dear old Jimmy Sanders, or at least I’ve been trying to.

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