I become very nostalgic around this time of year.  Thanksgiving Day is approaching  for Canadians (Monday, October 13th). When I grew up, our family Thanksgiving Day traditions were not very original; a family gathering around a turkey dinner.  One year,  someone introduced the idea of going around the table so that each person could state one thing that they felt particularly grateful for that year. Sometimes, the responses would be silly, probably because of the overwhelming  discomfort some family members felt in ‘sharing’. There was the odd  morose remark expressed after too much wine had been imbibed. Once in a while, someone would quietly bare their soul and express their profound (and sober) appreciation for something they were truly grateful for in their life.  My family complexion has changed. My parents are both deceased now. In fact, my mother passed away 6 years ago tomorrow. I miss her terribly. Fortunately, I have a tremendous church family here in Halifax at the Universalist Unitarian Church. I will be with THAT family on Monday. Together, we will  eat, drink, laugh, share, sing, rejoice, and appreciate each others company. Reverend Julie will bless our feast. Perhaps I will introduce my family tradition of going around the table so that everyone who chooses to, can say what they are grateful for this year. What will I say? Perhaps I could say that I am immensely  grateful to have a church family. I might say something about the girls (Opal and Lucy), my  four-legged critter kids who give me joy and a reason to get up in the morning. I could add the usual about health and home in a peaceful country. I could say something about the special person in my life who continues to love me despite my menopausal moodiness. I may come up with something truly original… or not say anything at all, secure in the knowledge that I am truly and deeply grateful for all of these.


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