“Over There”!

Just one more time…if I hear the words, “Over There” when I ask someone for directions to a street, a building, a washroom or  an item in a store…I promise to do something totaly irrational. Perhaps I will break out into a lively song and dance routine with Opal. The song? “Over There” of course! Yes, the toe-tapping, Johny-go-get-them WW I song written in 1917 by George Cohan. Mr. Cohan wrote the song  shortly after the USA  declared war on Germany. Many versions were recorded, including those by Billy Murray, Nora Bayes and Enrico Caruso….”And We Won’t come Back ’till it’s over, Over There!”. Perhaps it should become the international theme song for the blind.


One response to ““Over There”!

  1. Here’s some new over there content for ya. http://guidedogs.blogspot.com/2008/06/over-there.html

    and a new “over there’ song. It’s about Europe, but whatever. http://www.jonathancoulton.com/songdetails/Over%20There

    Happy going…over there.

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