Hey Potty Mouth!

Hey you!….Joe F..k (swear to god, that’s his handle), I DON’T appreciate potty mouth comments on this blog…that’s why they are moderated, pea brain! If you have something interesting, clever, or even stupid to say, I will post it, but potty mouth and shameless self promotion from commercial sites are off limits here!

and now Joe F..k is bugging me about why there there should be a coin with guide dogs and handlers, because only 3 % of blind people have them… well joe, I still won’t put your potty mouth handle up on this blog but I will acknowledge your comment here pea brain…answer: pretty much the same reason there is a quarter with Helen Keller in america, or a Canadian coin with a beaver or moose, creatures which are  about as common place and seen in day to day life by our citizens as a guide dog team…Coins and stamps are  issued in countries all over the the world to pay tribute to interesting and notable people, creatures, events etc.


2 responses to “Hey Potty Mouth!

  1. I’m sorry for the potty mouth. I like your blog, your smart, funny and usually on to something. I have changed my name as you can see. All that being said, I still think your crazy as a bag of hammers!

  2. That’s more like it fun guy. Crazy? Maybe. I aim to inform in a humourous way. I’m not trying to be the poster child for any group, nor do I give a crap about who is offended. Get over it, I say!

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