Give Me a Break!

Hey ‘M’! Yeah, you, the clerk at the grocery store (that would be the Barrington Street Superstore, a subsidiary of Loblaw Canada). Thanks a whole heck of a lot, buddy. Maybe I’m being too harsh on you and should really be bitchin about the flaky and shoddy management of the store. Who knows?! Who cares?! YOU’RE in my line of fire. Do ya think I’ve got nothing better to do than wander aimlessly through your store for 40 minutes after I asked the manager (in expectation of a reasonable and truthful response),  “can someone  WHO KNOWS THE STORE help me find five or six items; produce and bread?” The manager’s mistake was 1- to hook me up with a cashier (you) who does not have a clue where 2- the produce is located (why is that?), 3- can’t find a  produce clerk who would know where their own department’s stuff is located, 4- doesn’t ‘get’ that leaving a blind person standing endlessly ( 5-10 minutes THREE times) in the middle of a store while you disappear who knows where, is not a a good thing, 5- does not ‘get’ (despite repetition) that guide dogs should not be petted, 6- does not ‘get’ (despite repetition) that there is no need for ALL THREE of us to walk endlessly, back and forth through the produce department, after I asked you to find bananas, peppers, apples, and tomatoes, you  could (or should) have managed that all by yourself quickly and easily while Opal and I stayed put and out of foot traffic,  7- you really need to learn what a loaf of multigrain bread is and where to find it (or the bakery department clerk)…’com on! bread?! How hard is that?! 8- should not have been shocked when I abandoned this little shopping nightmare (which should have taken 5-10 minutes tops) after 40 minutes ’cause I had a meeting to get to! What an incredible waste of your time. More importantly, it was a gigantic waste of MY TIME! and totally preventable. Someone (that would be the manager) should have simply told me from the ‘get-go’ that no one was available capable of actually locate anything in an efficient and timely manner. I’d rather be refused help, than go through a frustrating and pointless adventure that tired me, my dog and wasted my time AND left me without the food I wanted to BUY. Did I mention that I don’t like to waste my time? Did I mention (you bet I did!) to the manager that they really should have followed up on the suggestion and offer I made last month to provide free training sessions (touchy-feely, warm and cozy,  non-threatening, unlike my tone today) ) with the bean head  Superstore staff who tend to be totally clueless when assisting blind patrons who want to  SPEND MONEY IN YOUR STORE! This is not about being ‘nice’ or ‘charitable’, it’s about business practice and common sense!


3 responses to “Give Me a Break!

  1. good lord above! I’ve had people look at me with dopy looks like “What does she need help for?” But I’ve never had that happen. That’s, just, um, disturbing.

  2. We have all had experiences We have all had experiences with store workers who have no idea what a yellow pepper looks like. Or where one would look for oats. I though I had a good thing going at one time, I was given a woman who has kids around the same ages as my one, as we made our way through the store she told me about any sales she thought I might be interested in. After that first meeting I would ask for her. However her manager felt she was gone to long and she was no longer avalable to help me again.

  3. That is horrible! To have to have a clerk with no clue to where things is. Now lets see I haven’t been in Canada for over 10 years but I still know that the bread is usually in front of the store area and the produce is where all the fresh veggies are at and fruits depending on what store it’s either right as soon as one goes in or more to the back part of the store. I am sure this clerk had shop there for heaven sake.

    Nevertheless all stores are basically the same layout. Bread, peppers, Milk, banana’s. Gosh! Of course she couldn’t comprehend not to pet and all that no matter how many times you stated the fact. Should tell you something there.

    I know I would have left the store without anything for taking 40 minutes which was way too long of a time.

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