UU’s Lovin’ The Music

Ya gotta love a UU (Universalist Unitarian) choir practice. I love to sing. I do so incessantly and not particularly well. I go to choir practice at church. Heck, I go to practices for TWO UU choirs (Only a UU church with a congregation of 102 people in total–many old or living out of town–would dream of accommodating more than one choir). The Chalice Singers (not to be confused with the UU Family Singers) meet Thursday nights. Under Deborah’s patient and devoted tutelage, a handful of aspiring voices gathering to practice hymns and songs for upcoming events at our church. Some of these voices are, umm, shall we say,  less than ‘on pitch’ (and I’m not talking about ME).  It doesn’t matter here. We start out with stretching and follow up with a few voice warm ups. The first time Opal attended choir practice, she was a little puzzled as she watched us do calisthenics and listened to the funny sounds coming out of us..the rising sigh, (“aahhhhhhhh” and  the lowering sigh (uhhhhaaaah) , the “shee, shees” , “la, la, las” etc. Now she just goes to sleep on her beach towel and ignores us until break time when sometimes, food comes out.  Everyone is welcome at choir practice,  no matter how badly they sing. And we’re not THAT bad, probably because we try so hard. It’s the earnest commitment to the song that makes us sound good.  There is something totally rejuvenating about singing, especially the hymns and gospel tunes we perform, not to mention the show tunes with adapted lyrics.  No matter what kind of funk I arrive to choir practice in, I always leave feeling satisfied, happy, and energized. I also (with a little trepidation) started attending Tuesday’s ‘After Choir’ practice. The ‘After Choir’ is the ‘hip’ choir that sings contemporary songs with instruments (plento-o-guitars here). I love the ‘band’ feeling to it. Who doesn’t want to pretend they are on stage performing with Peter, Paul and Mary? ( and if you don’t know who THEY are, then you need a course in folk music 101). The camaraderie and intimate setting, combined with the sheer joy of singing,  makes joining a church choir (at least, a UU choir) a choice worth making.


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