Thank God I’m a PFA

I’ve been cross-blogged. Cross blogging is not unlike cross checking in hockey. A local blogger caught the doo dad I did on TV re. the service dog park story. She somehow ended up checking me out and has concluded that I am not adjusting well to blindness and feel beset upon by everyone,  and that I use my blog to rant about how the world is unfair to me yada, yada, yada. Hmm. Actually, dear (this IS Nova Scotia where we all get called ‘dear’ a lot) I think I’m OK with my ‘adjustment’ to blindness. I just can’t adjust to being a PFA. For those of you who are in the dark, a PFA is the short version of ‘Person From Away’…a term coined to refer to anyone who is not born and pedigreed Nova Scotian.  It is a term that even appears as a reference in internal government material. Hmm. As a PFA, the first thing I noticed 16 years ago when I got here, (once I got past the charming painted houses, regional accents and general ‘quaint, quietness’ of the East coast) was the perplexing, passive acceptance by the local population of inferior service; at the hands of bad waiters, shoddy contractors, shop keepers and so on. People here tend to also accept cheap or defective products, bad decisions by government bureaucrats etc. Once in a while, you see a spark of complaint or revolt (“Ooo we’re so upset that you want to take away Johny’s school lunch program”)  Being a PFA from Montreal, we tend not to suck it up, but to complain and ACT. Then we go home and sleep well, instead of whining to our spouses or neighbours  behind close doors about it. I choose to blog. My ‘rant’ is a literary device, not an indication of my state of competence and ‘adjustment’.  “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!”, I hear. Hmm. I like the sea air and sleepiness of this town, even though no one here (except transplanted PFA’s) speaks Yiddish or understands the true meaning of “vibrant” when referring to a city. You can’t buy a  decent bagel,  French books or interesting art or furniture here either. It is laughable when news of a local swarming generates comparisons to ‘urban life’. PFA s make the world interesting and keep people accountable with their complaints.

Regards the service dog park? Just to clarify, I have no problem with pet dogs.  It’s the  HRM legal department that does. I proposed an enclosed dog park for all dogs. They are the ones who won’t go for it because of “liability issues”.  It’s not that service dogs can’t ‘mingle’ with pet dogs. And yes, I do know that some are running around  off leash with their ‘well adjusted’ handlers in Point Pleasant park. It should be a matter of choice as to whether or not someone wants to let their dog off leash. But then, this IS Nova Scotia and choices are few and I AM a PFA….


5 responses to “Thank God I’m a PFA

  1. You know I don’t always agree with you. I ussually think your of the wall, however I read the piece on Joan’s blog and think she is hateful. I want to use some potty mouth but I know you won’t post it if I do. I still think you’re as crazt as a bag of hammers, but I also think the wold is justa little better of for having you around to keep people on thair toes. God bless you helen, don’t take that nutso … to heart.

  2. I just read my post. Sorry for the lack of editing.I just read my post. I’m sorry for the lack editing.

  3. No worries, I don’t interfere with the creative juices of someone making a comment. And i thank you for the supportive words. I don’t know this other blogger, nor do I particularly care what she goes on about…free world and all that.

  4. I’m sorry, I can’t stop talking about Joan. Did you read the comment that was left? After reading your blog its not hard to tell what you think of the CNIB. So when I read the comment wondering what the CNIB thought of your dog run, I could see you blowing up!!! This is the last I’ll say about the matter.

  5. I’m not sure I know which comment you are talking about Joe. I don’t know that CNIB has anything to say about anything this week. They’ve been too busy fending off media around the Caterplan axing which put 100 people out of work.

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