Choirpractor Award

At a minor gala yesterday evening, Opal was presented with  the 2008 annual UU Choirpractor award. This award is unique (ie. a spur-of-the-moment invention of her mum’s) in that it recognizes Guide dogs who attend endless hours of choir practice at the  Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax. Guide dogs (especially Opal) are forced into all manner of situations because of their mums and dads varied activities and interests. Judo classes, chess club, work, swimming lessons, excruciatingly boring meetings, shopping, air travel, picnics, physiotherapy appointments and on and on. But choir? Listening to Peter, Paul and Mary wannabes and others who insist on experimenting with annoying-sounding instruments like Kazoos and slide whistles as they  prepare for an upcoming Gospel sing-along evening? and then, to follow up with yet another choir practice, one of a  more traditional type, but still equally loud and boring? “This is Service Dog hell week”, read the thought bubble above her head yesterday. Opal’s saving grace (NOT Amazing), was the power nap between the two gigs on the floor in the worship room and the pot luck snack-a-thon to end off the evening. So, in the true spirit of UU recognition (UU’s are VERY big on patting each other on the back…we are after all, very kind, fair folk), I presented  Opal  with the 2008 Choirpractor award when we got home (and a cookie). It is for service above and beyond the call of duty, but I truly believe, that deep in her heart and doggie soul, she LOVES CHOIR PRACTICE!


One response to “Choirpractor Award

  1. It seems to me old girl, that there is not alot going on in your world these days. Y posts are on the edge of boring me to tears. Please!! I want to read about some real dirt.

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