Hey! Wise Advice For Buddy On Quinpool Road

I know you probably won’t be reading this yourself, not having a computer or even a place to call home or anything, but I need to ‘share’.  That’s right, homeless guy, I’m counting on someone to enlighten you on this. Here’s the thing, buddy. You may have time on your hands like warts and find that sitting outside a busy Quinpool road supermarket on a Saturday is a good way to kill a few hours and panhandle some bucks, but you really need to do something about your dogs. I’m talking specifically about the pit bull that ‘got away’ from you as we (me, Opal and my sweetie, LA) were walking down the sidewalk… the one that was gunning down the pavement, hackles raised and focused  on attacking my guide dog, Opal. Yeah, the one my sweetie blocked  (impulsively and foolishly) with two kneecaps and a big sac of groceries. I’m talking about the one you lost track of ’cause you were busy scoring change and fussing with your OTHER mangy  canine  at the time. I’m sure life’s a b..tch for you,  being homeless and all, eh? Too f..ng bad! Your dog  ‘pack’ may be all you have in life, but frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass about them. or the tale of woe that is your life…not when it comes to those out- of- control-canines which you insist on having with you on busy sidewalks filled with children, old people and  other dogs,  including MINE! If you really insist on owning dogs (that’s DOGS- plural), for which you can’t afford food or vet care, then  pack up and do your panhandling elsewhere, like maybe, Miami. The weather is better in the south, there are more shelters, and hey, you will  probably find some dog fighting rings in Florida that would employ the pit bull!

The fact that you were still squatting on the same damn spot on Quinpool road, 3 hours after I first went by,  (dogs still barking viciously at other dogs going by) leads me to believe that you really don’t give a flying f..k about anyone but your miserable self. Watch it, buddy, ’cause if I’m not the one that calls Animal Control, then rest assured,  someone else is bound to call.  Don’t be waiting ’till someone gets their dog’s or kid’s face ripped off before you  decide to move it along.  But then…. it’s not like you’re too worried about liability is it?

and ‘Joefun’? get off my case!


2 responses to “Hey! Wise Advice For Buddy On Quinpool Road

  1. That’s more like it! Nice to here ya yelling about something. You get um old girl. Dogs must be a real fear for you guys with guide dogs, you should call animal control. gerrrrr!

  2. ANWhat do ya mean “get off my case.” I’m just trying to get you to write some of that smoking stuff that gets lotss of responses.We want to here about the evil CNIB or the terrible way you’ve been treated.

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