I’m ‘Irked’

Actually, I’m a little busy, hence the inactivity on this blog.  Some things take priority over blogging…like REAL writing (a book-like thing in development) and elderobics classes (don’t ask) and baking apple custard tarts. However, some readers obviously continue to cruise through current and past entries. They have differing ideas on what types of blogs they enjoy most. ‘Joefun’is a devoted fan of the rant. He would have me bitchin’ every day of the week. Others? Not so much. One guy who has been attentive recently is the editor of Irked Magazine, an Internet publication that merits a look-see.  He wrote to ask if I would allow Irked to republish a couple of  my past blogs. You’d  think, given the name, ‘Irked’, that it would have been a request for a ‘big blow’, the likes I am occasionally known to produce. Not so. The ones Irked is interested in,  have to do with guide dogs and the handler’s experience. Irked, can be found at http://www.irkedmagazine.com . Check it out if you are interested in the “culture of disability”, as wikipedia puts it.  Link from blogroll (which is getting a bit long, eh?)


5 responses to “I’m ‘Irked’

  1. I’m not a big fan of people who sound off for a living. I enjoy your blogs because they are intuitive, honest, well written and always interesting.

  2. Thanks for the kudos, but would you buy my book if it is ever finished?

  3. That all depends. Are you writing a book on how to cook eels, or something a little more interesting? My guess is something a little more interesting. What will the book be about?

  4. I don’t think there’s much of a market for books on eel cookery. The thought of eels sends me back in time to a very dark memory of a fishing trip with my father….anyway, the books (2 on the boards at his time) are NOT cookbooks, not fiction…and I won’t say too much about them for a while. All shall be revealed in time.

  5. Have you ever had eel? I’ve had smoked eel and find it most agreeable. I have heard that its the look of eel that turns some people off. I don’t have that problemI can judge eels on their taste alone. My hope Helen, is that you’ll see from this response that I do enjoy more about your blog than the rant. That being said, I do enjoy very much your rants.

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