Plenty of Jobs For Dogs

The earliest dogs who had ‘ jobs’  were pretty much limited  to doing things which involved  herding, sled-pulling, hunting or guarding. Eventually, more types of dog-jobs emerged; guiding, avalanche and disaster rescuing, arson detection, hearing assistance, explosive detection, seizure alerting, wheelchair-user assistance, and many other types of special skills or therapy dogs.  Dogs now help autistic kids, people with panic disorder, kids who have trouble reading (‘Reading with Rover’ and similar programs) and now, some dogs even provide assistance (practical and emotional) to recovering veterans.

How fitting that in yesterday’s New York Times (Veteran’s Day), there appeared an article describing successful connections made pairing dogs with veterans. The physical medicine and rehabilitation departments at Walter Reed Medical Center  are referring qualified veterans to organizations like Canine Companions for Independence Veterans Program ( , America’s Vet Dogs ( ) and Neads Canines for Combat Veterans ( The link for the New York times is: You’ll have to take it from there. My computer is coughing up another cyber-hairball and complaining about a monster lurking nearby…why is that anti-virus stuff so expensive?


2 responses to “Plenty of Jobs For Dogs

  1. Hi Helen – thank you for drawing attention to the different organizations providing canine assistants for our wounded Veterans. We at NEADS are eager to be of help and support to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. We are fortunate to have provided canines for over 30 years so our experience is strong and our willingness to serve is great! As you or your viewers come across: families challenged by autism, we have initiated a pilot program called HaltER Dogs; Veterans, we have Canines for Combat Veterans; those with Hearing loss, we have a hearing dog program; those with MS or who are wheelchair bound, we train canines who can open doors, pick-up dropped articles (keys, medication bottles, etc); dogs for those who suffer from PTSD; balance dogs and more. Our charter is to help those who can benefit from canine assistance, so help us, help others. Thank you again, Helen.

  2. You are most welcome.

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