Where Have You Been, Mum!?

I don’t know where my mum has been, but I don’t like it! She was gone for only a minute… said something about helping A. with his computer, and then she came back a while later smelling like….the German boy! Yes, I know she was playing around with my boyfriend, you know.. the guide dog who lives upstairs but who is also a shephard (two jobs! wow!),  mum says.  Oh, he’s not REALLY my boyfriend, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Mum came in and a wave of that boy’s smell hit me like a sack of bricks. Hmmm. He’s so dreamy. I long to play with him…I long to play with ANY dog at this point. Maybe someday I’ll be running around that service dog park that mum’s trying to jig up with HRM. In the meantime, she has started allowing me to play off-leash in our special place. She told me not to tell, and that she’s not sure how appropriate it is to run around this place…you know, being the Worship room at church, and all. I can’t see why anyone would mind. Dogs worship and celebrate life in their own way, I tried to tell her. She got this idea while  we were waiting and waiting for choir practice time to come around. We spend a lot of time alone in the church house just waiting, ’cause we have no where else to go. We  are usually waiting  for a meeting or choir practice. I get bored. Yesterday, one of those ‘ah ha’ light bulbs went off in her head. She said, “There’s nothing but a big, empty room  here with no obstacles…  If we close the doors,  there’s no chance you’ll  escape… You won’t damage anything, Opal and I  know that you NEVER relieve anywhere indoors…so, let’s play!!!” We didn’t have a toy, but mum threw her glove across the room and we played ‘chase-the-dog-until-mum-collapses-giggling-and-I lick-her-face’ game. Then we had a nap together. Mum eventually confessed to the choir director about our playing in the Worship room. The choir director seemed to think it was a great idea. “Thank goodness we’re Universalist Unitarians!”, mum said. I’m glad we are  too.


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